Keppel Gas
Health, Safety and Environment

Gear Up for Safety Excellence

The safety culture in Keppel Infrastructure is embodied in its safety icon, which charts the steps towards the identification and elimination of hazards:

Step 1 (Red) - Stop and step back.

Step 2 (Orange) - Identify any hazard(s) for yourself and the people around you.

Step 3 (Green) - Assess and evaluate the risk(s).

Step 4 (Blue) - Mitigate and control the hazard(s).

Step 5 (Gear) - Proceed with the task safely, with clockwork precision and in an efficient manner. Understand that your work and other people's work are interdependent and form important parts of a larger assembly.

Adding up all the steps (Centre cross) - Safety First
The cross "+" symbolises "Safety First", and also represents the addition sign emphasising that all five steps must add up in order to proceed with work safely.


To benchmark ourselves to industry standards in safety and quality, the various businesses in the Keppel Infrastructure Group are certified in the relevant international standards from ISO and OHSAS, as well as bizSAFE from Singapore's WSH Council.

Safety Golden Rules

  • Perform "Gear Up" before work
  • Start formal meeting with a "Safety Moment"
  • Follow "Designated Walkway" at sites