Keppel Gas

1. Will there be any disruption to daily operations as a result of switching retailers?
The Singapore gas system is an open access network. This allows gas consumers to be able to switch retailers without experiencing any disruption to your daily operations. Please feel free to contact us if you require further clarification.

2. Will there be any difference in the quality of gas supplied after switching retailers?
There will not be any difference in the quality of gas supplied. All retailers are required to supply gas in compliance with the Singapore Gas Specification.

3. Is there a need to install additional infrastructure? Are there any additional costs involved?
Additional infrastructure is not required when switching to an alternative gas retailer. The existing infrastructure will be re-used.

4. What should my next step be if I would like to consider Keppel Gas as my gas supplier?
We welcome you to Contact Us to initiate the procurement process and allow us to propose a suitable package for you before the expiry of your existing contract.

5. Why is the Singapore government liberalising the gas market?
The liberalisation of the gas market allows consumers who are connected to the natural gas distribution network to have more options when choosing their gas retailers.