Keppel Gas
Advantages of Using Natural Gas

Cleaner Source of Energy

  • Potential cost savings arising from lower maintenance expenses.
  • Good marketing strategy for an environmentally friendly product.

Reduced Safety Concerns

  • No fuel storage facilities required.
  • No regulatory license required.
  • Safer as natural gas readily disperses into the surrounding air.

Efficient Land Use

  • Free up space originally used for fuel storage facilities in land scarce environment.
  • Requires only a small area (typically 8.0m x 4.5m plot) for installation of Metering and Pressure Regulating Skid, which meters and regulates the delivery gas pressure according to the customer’s gas supply requirement.

Low Operational Requirements

  • Consistent supply source; use as required.
  • Minimise disruption to production arising from unavailability of fuel.
  • Minimal fuel scheduling required.